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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS Game Play Online

Have you missed really vibrant, diverse and spectacular battle simulators that can keep you interested and hooked up for a long time? Then welcome to TABS! This game allows you to have fun with a good deal of warrior fractions and enjoy the cumbersome rag doll physics of various units from different epochs and myths clashing with each other on the battlefield! Shall we begin?

Stage and enjoy crazy fights!

The point of the game is to create an army that will defeat the army of the opponent and pass the level. For this purpose, you’ll have a certain amount of money allowed to you at the beginning. The money can be earned for participation and victories, so note that your budget for hiring warriors is limited. The action will unfold on beautiful and colorful maps that look like cakes. Your units are marked with red color, the enemy is blue.

There are ten main fractions in TABS. Each of them is associated with either some kind of a historical period or mythological theme. Almost all of them open up as you pass the level. Tribal is available to you from the very beginning (after all, you need to start playing somehow) while members of the Secret fraction should be discovered on the levels to add to your lineup. Each of the units has its own purpose, skills and of course price. In the latest updates, there is a function of controlling one of your warriors directly, so you can actually affect the result of the battle even after it begins which wasn’t an option in the original game. The full version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also allows you to create your own units and introduce them into the gameplay!

Try different modes!

Fans of diverse modes will be thrilled with the fact that TABS has seven different campaigns. First, there is Introduction – its goal is clear, it’s just a few levels that will teach you how to play. Then there is also Adventure (basically, the main mode) and Campaign (where you’re limited by just one fraction). More experienced players can try their hand at Challenge – here you will have less money than your opponent and so you’ll have to think more carefully.

However, there is also an opportunity to create your own custom campaigns and levels. Those are user-made, and you can either try to make one yourself or check out those created by other players. Thanks to all that, TABS doesn’t get boring even after days and weeks of playing and there is always something new to surprise you about it. Start discovering all the perks and thrills of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator right now and enjoy the process!

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