Funny Battle Simulator 2

Do you think you have enough skills to guide your army through fierce battles and win? Let’s check it in Funny Battle Simulator 2. Look at the screen – you will see a strong team of your opponents that are ready to start fighting at any moment. You need to be a decent adversary to them!

Put together the strongest warriors!

This time, you will be offered a quite funny selection of units for your future formation. Just check the menu – you will see cavemen and horsemen, headless warriors and even bears with mini guns. Think well about how you will spend your budget. Actually, you may distribute it in the way you want, but it is better to adhere to some strategy to outperform the enemies. You will be able to select the environment for your coming battle and press the Start button. Watch how the confrontation ends, analyze your weak points and reinforce your army with the strongest units to win coming fights!

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