Totally Accurate Battle Simulator All Secret Units

If you ever played TABS, you know that the main feature of the game is the variety of units available for recruiting into your army. Thanks to the fact that there are around ten fractions here and each of them hosts several units, you can hardly complain about their lack. You can create so many lineups combining them at will that it’s simply astonishing. However, the developers knew that the main fractions won’t be enough and added another one called Secret that you can add to your collection in a whole other way than the rest of the warriors!

How to find Secret units in TABS?

As a rule, you discover new fractions and units moving through the campaign and passing the levels. Each new one of them you complete gives you access to an extra soldiers that can then be recruited into your army (of course, if you have enough money for that). However, the story is different with Secret units. They aren’t added bit by bit, but must be found on the levels as you pass them. Each of the maps can include a Secret unit, you just have to keep your eyes peeled!

So how exactly these Secret units can be found? You must spot a relevant item somewhere on the battlefield and fix your eyes upon it for no less than five seconds. Although these units are supposed to be some kind of separate from the rest, many of them could actually fit quite well into other fractions.

What kind of units are there?

Among Secret units in TABS, you will find quite interesting characters. For instance, there is a man who can produce a deadly sound wave named Shouter. Then there is Raptor and also Raptor Rider. And how about Ballooner or Fan Bearer? And of course you shouldn’t forget about Tree and Ice Giants that have some of the most impressive damage. As you can see, the diversity of the units available in the Secret fraction is quite large. Start looking for them right now playing Totally Accurate Battle Simulator online!

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