Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

What do we appreciate most in a battle simulator? First of all, the choice of units. There should be lots of them, and they all should be as different as possible. Then it needs to have a more or less decent visual side. And surely at least a few modes to switch between if you get tired of the main one. All of these features are present in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator!

Prepare for a grand-scale fight!

The game will offer you a chance to come up with your own army consisting of the most unexpected characters. Depending on the mode you play in, it can be a lineup associated with a certain epoch (for instance, primeval times, Middle Ages and others) or some particular theme (ancient Greece, pirates and so on). It’s especially fun to combine characters belongs to different fractions because thus you can achieve some truly wild mixes.

Your job is basically to select warriors and place the troops on the battlefield. Positioning is highly important – you need to consider which of the units will be in the avant-garde and which will be backing them up from behind. The success of the whole combat depends on it, so don’t disregard this stage and consider the slightest aspects while thinking how to place your fighters in the best possible way.

Try different combinations of units and enjoy the gameplay!

When everything is ready, all that’s left to do is to push the play button. Then the soldiers will start fighting automatically, without your direct participation. You’ll be simply watching the whole process like a general who observes the battle from some kind of a hill and doesn’t rush into it. However, sometimes you can take direct control over one of the units to change the course of the fight in your favor.

It’s interesting to see how different warriors behave on the battlegrounds according to their unique fighting style and abilities. The number of combinations you can come up with is simply stunning and every time it’s going to be a new fighting experience. Let’s begin right now!

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