Do you think a Buddhist monk is capable of defeating a medieval knight? What if there will be a whole dozen of them against a minotaur? Who is stronger – a vampire or a mammoth? And how many balloons are needed to life a catapult into the air? You can find out playing TABS! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a fun and a little bit crazy simulator of war where you can set up a clash between the most unexpected creatures and see what comes out of it. Much like you used to play soldiers in your childhood, only with an option of automatic fight. And just like toys, these virtual warriors are rather clumsy and ill-coordinated resulting in battles that are not only epic, but also funny.

Hilarious and exciting gameplay!

Regardless of the mode you choose, you’ll see the same picture at the beginning of each level. It’s a detailed map where you’ll be planning the future combat with a line dividing it in the middle. On the blue side, you’ll see the army of the opponent. Your own troops will be placed on the red side. Your task is to position them in the most favorable way (at least in your opinion) and press the icon with cross swords. Then the fight will begin and you’ll have the pleasure to witness all these men and other beings desperately plunging into the battle.

Everything will happen automatically, but during the action you can directly control one of the units in your army. The camera will switch to either first- or third-person view, you will be able to apply various skills of the chosen unit – and also suffer from its weaknesses. This is the only way to affect the outcome of the confrontation in TABS – the rest depends on how wisely you planned out your tactics before the fight.

Great variety of mods!

There are several modes in the game. In Adventure, you can mix units from different categories playing at will. If you choose Campaign, you and your enemies will be tied to certain teams. There is also Sandbox where you’ll define the map yourself and place the troops on both sides without any limits. Finally, you can also enjoy multiplayer, both local and via network with quick matches against a random opponent. Here you will be limited in your resources, but free in your choice of fraction.

TABS is definitely a game that will give you a chance to spend a great time and have fun. Even after weeks, you won’t lose interest in it, and positive emotions are guaranteed every time you enter the game. Start playing right now and see for yourself!

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