TABS Zombies

There is probably no such game that hasn’t yet improvised on the zombie theme. Zombies still remain are hot trend, and have become even more so in the light of all the COVID hysteria. Post-apocalyptic sights of deserted cities that gradually turn into ruins and where only ugly mindless mutants roam in search of the last survivors really intrigue us. And now zombies are also available in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator!

Zombies are coming to TABS!

Fans of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator can hardly complained about the shortage of units in the game. After all, there are ten fractions including multiple types of warriors – enough to stage the most spectacular fights with unexpected balance of powers. However, there can never be too many of them, so now you can also add a few zombies to your lineup! Each of the walking dead comes with their own set of abilities and skills that they will be using automatically in the combat. Just like before, you have an option to control one of your zombies, among other units, to manually turn the tide and change the outcome of the fight that seemed to already be desperate.

Check out new units and experience the game on a whole new level!

In Adventure and Sandbox modes, you can combine various zombie units with fighters from other fractions – that will open up a whole slew of previously unknown possibilities in terms of tactics and strategy. With new units, you will have much more options to create a strong army and it will also be interesting to observe some new behaviors and actions on the battlegrounds.

So don’t wait any further! Check out the new TABS Zombies update and see what exactly it has in store for you! It will be twice as fascinating and incredible with a new fraction added and you will surely enjoy every minute of the gameplay just as if you were playing Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for the first time!

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